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Did you know that nearly 90% of businesses fail UNLESS they have a clear vision and carefully planned strategy for their growth? We are here to unlock the full potential of your business and help you bring it to the next level. Let us guide you and direct you towards inevitable success!

Why does your business need a Chief Growth Officer (CGO)?

Every company has to face some obstacles and challenges during their development process.

Start-ups – Despite having a great product, a clear goal for the success and lots of determination, it may be extremely hard for a new business to gain visibility, break through the thick wall of competition and to increase sales volume.

Plateau – It’s very common that mature companies hit a plateau during their growth process. For each of the stages in the business cycle you need to apply a new strategy, because the old one won’t bring desirable results anymore.

Fast expansion – Keeping up with the high demand when your company grows rapidly may be extremely challenging and put too much pressure on staff and management.

While business owners the CEO and the management may find a way to deal with those problems, choosing a business growth consultant to do it instead, saves a lot of precious time and unnecessary stress, and is much more cost-effective in the long run.

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Accelerate your business growth with us

Running a successful business is not an easy task. At the beginning every CEO has a clear goal of gaining success, however it is more than likely that at some stage in the future he will have to face certain obstacles. That’s why a carefully planned business strategy is so important.

We offer professional consulting to businesses at any growth level. Whether it’s a startup company, a local small business or a large multi-national organization, our experienced Chief Growth Officer will help you prioritize and clarify your ideas so that you can set your focus towards the right direction and achieve the desired results.

What our business consultants can do for you?

Our business consulting services can help your company in different ways. Here’s the list of key business areas, which our experts can handle:

  • Business Strategy
  • Business Plans,
  • Marketing Plans,
  • Business Development
  • Business Coaching
  • Digital Transformation
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Business Advisory
  • Customer Journey Mapping and Customer Experience

and many more.

Our customers say

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Victor and I have worked together for 12 months in a consulting alliance capacity providing strategic recruitment & project management advice, as well as assisting in providing tech professionals in a timely manner. I have used Victor’s Service from Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory for the past 12 months. 

I am very comfortable in recommending Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory. Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory is a very dedicated organisation which helps organisations in solving challenges in hiring in a timely manner & improving results. 

Hasita Gunaratne Subuhis
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I witnessed how Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory is in solving project management problems & improving quality & on time delivery of projects. 

I recommend Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory to any business looking to solve their problems in project management & improve performance. 

Ahsan Azam McCorkell & Associates
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Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory has helped my company within the past 9 months improve project management quality by 36% & delivery timeframe by almost 25%.​ I am also very grateful​ to Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory who has helped increase my revenue through Business Development Strategy & Execution by 28% in Australia & 19% in the United States of America. I highly recommend​ Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory to any Organization facing project & market expansion problems & challenges.​

Midas European Consulting
Marcel Kellermann Midas European Consulting
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Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory has transformed Rafiko Cars & Logistics to another level, from a logistics startup to a global company. I am very impressed with the high-quality software development and automation projects that were delivered with high-quality work and timely manner. This in turn has cut inefficiencies by 80%. The Project Management was delivered to superior quality and within the specified timeline. Victor Marco from Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory is very enthusiastic, dedicated, and proactive in ensuring projects are delivered successfully. He also displayed a high level of attention to detail in the innovative strategy and execution, preparation & launching, and finding the right talent, tools, and resources for my projects. I am also impressed with how he executes strategy & his business development capabilities which helped increase my company’s revenue by 39% in the last 12 months. I therefore strongly recommend Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory for anybody seeking a project manager, software developer, or business development strategy advisor on​ a local or international level.

Rafiko Cars and Logistics LLC
Rafal Pado Rafiko Cars and Logistics LLC
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  • McCorkell & Associates
  • Midas European Consulting
  • Rafiko Cars and Logistics LLC
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Improve your business

Share your company growth expectations with us and our business consultants will help you with the right strategy! Contact us today to get a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Chief Growth Officer?arrowclose

A Chief Growth Officer (CGO) is an expert advisor who’s main objective is to help you accelerate your business growth, fulfil all your marketing goals, build growth mindset, develop profitability and become successful.

What does a Chief Growth Officer do?arrowclose

A Chief Growth Officer will assess the current situation of your business, your strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities and goals and provide expertise and a strategic direction for the growth of your company. He will also offer services and tools to help your business cut unnecessary costs and improve work efficiency and business performance.

CGO should provide a tailor made business strategies for your company based on his experience and knowledge.

Hiring a business consultant, you will save time and money.

How much does Business Growth Consulting cost?arrowclose

Costs of our services vary depending on specifications and complexity of individual project. We do our best to keep our offer affordable and at a high quality level. Please contact our consulting agency, and we will tailor our services to your individual needs.

What business growth consulting service look like?arrowclose

To push your business forward, support you with good advices and attract more customers, we must go through key phases.

First step is to run business diagnosis and needs analysis. We collect as much data about your company as possible. Information about the market, major competitors, and business goals will also be useful.

Based on the collected data, our business growth consultant will prepare long-term strategic plan, which will be a road map to achieve strategic goals. The strategy includes the goals, tools and resources necessary to accomplish the project.

The next step is to present the strategy and tactics to the team responsible for their implementation. We need to make sure that everyone fully understands how the various stages will affect the company’s growth.

During the implementation phase, we make sure the company is on the right way to fulfil goals and drive measurable results. Supervision and monitoring are needed in order not to lose sight of the big picture.

After the strategy has been fully implemented, it is time to evaluate the project. Together with our clients, we determine how successful the strategy is and how much revenue growth has been achieved.

Apart from preparing and implementing a business strategy, we also offer on-going training and support for our clients.

What are your qualifications?arrowclose

The founder of Silicon Cities has an MBA and Master’s Degree in Global Project Management. Our team is highly skilled and has nearly 20 years of experience in IT and business development. We work with all sizes businesses and industries.