5 methods Hiring Managers Adversly Affect the Recruitment Process & how this can be fixed

26 September 2022

Victor Marco

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Victor Marco

It is becoming a global trend that there are more unfilled jobs in every sector including IT/Tech.

This is notably evident in the United States where there are 10.7 million positions unfilled & in Australia where almost half a million jobs are yet to be filled.

When seeing such large numbers of unfilled positions, it becomes a concern regarding the Hiring Manager’s performance.

The most common reasons include: 

  1. Inability to Communicate. Most experienced hiring managers know precisely who they’re looking for, however, knowing and articulating are two different things. …
  2. Bad Interview Skills & Manners. …
  3. ¬†Inability to comprehend position-fit. …
  4. Self-centered, insecure & greedy
  5. Disregarding the process.

Such behavior of hiring managers is well documented towards external recruiters & failure to work coherently together could prove costly to the Organization by not filling the position required to support & complete a project in a timely manner.

Failure to hire notably a tech employee has the ability to setback projects for failure, as the required employee with a specified skill is not hired.

If your Organization is affected by Hiring Managers sabotaging the recruitment process, ask us how we can assist, solve your problem & turn around your process.

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