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Running your own business can be a tremendous task, especially if it’s a start-up or a rapid-growing company. Employee management, business planning, client acquisitions – those are just a few from many matters that require the owner’s attention. Silicon Cities can provide you with business advisory services to support you in running your company efficiently. With us, you can easily benefit from confidential business advice on starting or running small businesses all across the Australian country.

Who is a business advisor?

A business advisor is essentially a highly qualified strategist that cooperates with your company by helping you with finances, planning, marketing or even development. From the practical point of view, business advisors are extensions of the business owner that can take care of managing and researching various business areas. For example, a business advisor can help you introduce new products while you’re busy taking care of business accounting needs.

small business advisory

How can small business owners benefit from business advisory services?

An experienced advisor will help you hone your business’s core strengths while taking care of the areas that need tweaking. Thanks to this, your business will grow while you focus on things you’re good at (e.g., financial planning, or running commercial premises), leaving the more troublesome areas to the advisor. That way you’ll be able to dedicate more of your time to realising your vision without stressing over marketing, public relations, recruiting new employees and so on. In simple terms – advisory services will lighten your burden by making managing business a team sport.

Additionally, a business advisory services will bring a fresh perspective to your business strategy and plans, which will help you find points that might have been overlooked or present you with new, less obvious ways to expand your business. This can give you an edge over your competition and enable you to reach wider markets.

Small business owners

If you are among small business owners, you should consider small business advisory services to make yourself a profit in the long term. With relatively low cost advice, you may benefit from practical solutions that are conducive to the business running process.

Good expertise coming from a trustworthy business advisor will support small business growth strategies. As we do not provide free business advice, we can guarantee the effectiveness of our fully professional services.

Our customers say

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Victor and I have worked together for 12 months in a consulting alliance capacity providing strategic recruitment & project management advice, as well as assisting in providing tech professionals in a timely manner. I have used Victor’s Service from Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory for the past 12 months. 

I am very comfortable in recommending Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory. Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory is a very dedicated organisation which helps organisations in solving challenges in hiring in a timely manner & improving results. 

Hasita Gunaratne Subuhis
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I witnessed how Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory is in solving project management problems & improving quality & on time delivery of projects. 

I recommend Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory to any business looking to solve their problems in project management & improve performance. 

Ahsan Azam McCorkell & Associates
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Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory has helped my company within the past 9 months improve project management quality by 36% & delivery timeframe by almost 25%.​ I am also very grateful​ to Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory who has helped increase my revenue through Business Development Strategy & Execution by 28% in Australia & 19% in the United States of America. I highly recommend​ Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory to any Organization facing project & market expansion problems & challenges.​

Midas European Consulting
Marcel Kellermann Midas European Consulting
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Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory has transformed Rafiko Cars & Logistics to another level, from a logistics startup to a global company. I am very impressed with the high-quality software development and automation projects that were delivered with high-quality work and timely manner. This in turn has cut inefficiencies by 80%. The Project Management was delivered to superior quality and within the specified timeline. Victor Marco from Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory is very enthusiastic, dedicated, and proactive in ensuring projects are delivered successfully. He also displayed a high level of attention to detail in the innovative strategy and execution, preparation & launching, and finding the right talent, tools, and resources for my projects. I am also impressed with how he executes strategy & his business development capabilities which helped increase my company’s revenue by 39% in the last 12 months. I therefore strongly recommend Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory for anybody seeking a project manager, software developer, or business development strategy advisor on​ a local or international level.

Rafiko Cars and Logistics LLC
Rafal Pado Rafiko Cars and Logistics LLC
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Improve your business

Share your company growth expectations with us and our business consultants will help you with the right strategy! Contact us today to get a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to pick the best advisor for a small business?arrowclose

A good SMB advisor should be:

  • Experienced in running a successful business in the SMB/SME segment – small businesses are far different from their bigger cousins, so a good consultant would be someone who already knows those nuances (e.g., was a small business owner him-/herself), especially one that excels in the areas you have problems with.
  • Backed by credentials – e.g., a business degree and coaching courses.
  • Specialized in your specific industry – such a person will be familiar with your business’s needs and know the struggles of your specific niche.

All of our small business advisors have these qualities, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

What are the types of small business advisors?arrowclose

Although having broad knowledge in running a business and providing help in many fields, a small business advisor can also specialize in a specific area. Going by this criterion, you can find these types of advisors:

  • Strategy – focused on business plans and long-term strategies;
  • Financial – experts in business accounting and personal finances;
  • Tax – specialize in taxation and its regulations;
  • Legal – have in-depth knowledge of laws and legal regulations regarding the specific industry;
  • Marketing – will take care of profiling customers, finding the best selling channels, and preparing/running marketing campaigns (including digital marketing);
  • Management – advise on improving operational performance, develop improvement plans, and take care of analysing organizational issues;
  • Operations – supervise day-to-day activities and provide insight on potential efficiency improvements;
  • PR – excel in building brand image and reputation;
  • IT – work with various IT fields like web development, networking, and infrastructure development (can also further specialize in a given branch);
  • Sales – help with streamlining sale processes and creating in-house sales teams;
  • Recruitment – take care of headhunting and fine-tuning recruitment processes;
  • Digital Transformation – focus on transitioning traditional businesses to digital ones;

What is the cost of advisory services?arrowclose

The exact cost depends on the scope of services provided and length of cooperation. Contact us to learn more about the costs of hiring our advisors and find the most profitable solution for your business.