Strategy consulting services

Devising a well-crafted business strategy is not an easy task, especially when you’re taking your first steps in the industry or opening for a new market. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this alone – Silicon Cities can provide you with experienced strategy consultants that will help you create a solid, achievable business plan.

Strategy consulting - why do you need it?

Decisions affecting the company’s future carry a lot of weight and as such shouldn’t be made hastily. You must consider all the pros and cons, looking at the matter from an objective point of view. That last part is especially difficult, as people tend to be biased in all decisions that affect them in the slightest. Therefore, to ensure choosing the best possible scenario, you’d need the help of an impartial expert with impeccable analytical skills – and that’s where a strategy consultant comes in. No matter if it’s just a small new project or a long-term, career-defining endeavour, consulting firms can help you choose the right path to success.

Types of strategic consulting

Strategy consulting market is a dynamically expanding industry full of many types of professional services that can be sorted into a handful of groups. Therefore, strategy consultants can provide you with services for the following:

  • Functional strategy
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Strategy & Operations
  • Business Model Transformation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Economic Policy

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Our customers say

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Victor and I have worked together for 12 months in a consulting alliance capacity providing strategic recruitment & project management advice, as well as assisting in providing tech professionals in a timely manner. I have used Victor’s Service from Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory for the past 12 months. 

I am very comfortable in recommending Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory. Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory is a very dedicated organisation which helps organisations in solving challenges in hiring in a timely manner & improving results. 

Hasita Gunaratne Subuhis
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I witnessed how Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory is in solving project management problems & improving quality & on time delivery of projects. 

I recommend Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory to any business looking to solve their problems in project management & improve performance. 

Ahsan Azam McCorkell & Associates
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Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory has helped my company within the past 9 months improve project management quality by 36% & delivery timeframe by almost 25%.​ I am also very grateful​ to Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory who has helped increase my revenue through Business Development Strategy & Execution by 28% in Australia & 19% in the United States of America. I highly recommend​ Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory to any Organization facing project & market expansion problems & challenges.​

Midas European Consulting
Marcel Kellermann Midas European Consulting
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Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory has transformed Rafiko Cars & Logistics to another level, from a logistics startup to a global company. I am very impressed with the high-quality software development and automation projects that were delivered with high-quality work and timely manner. This in turn has cut inefficiencies by 80%. The Project Management was delivered to superior quality and within the specified timeline. Victor Marco from Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory is very enthusiastic, dedicated, and proactive in ensuring projects are delivered successfully. He also displayed a high level of attention to detail in the innovative strategy and execution, preparation & launching, and finding the right talent, tools, and resources for my projects. I am also impressed with how he executes strategy & his business development capabilities which helped increase my company’s revenue by 39% in the last 12 months. I therefore strongly recommend Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory for anybody seeking a project manager, software developer, or business development strategy advisor on​ a local or international level.

Rafiko Cars and Logistics LLC
Rafal Pado Rafiko Cars and Logistics LLC
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can hire strategy consulting firms?arrowclose

Although it may seem like their services are aimed solely at the private sector corporations, strategy consulting can be used by any company, including public institutions and organizations. But this doesn’t mean the scope of services for both public and private sectors are the same – those for the public sector focus on economic policy, while those for private aim at aiding the development of various strategies.

What do strategy consultants do?arrowclose

Their first and foremost role is supporting their clients with strategic decision-making. This process includes strategy development and (to some degree) strategy execution. For example, they can help in formulating the company’s mission, creating integration roadmaps, entering new markets, or changing business models. This means that they mostly work with the high-ranked managers and executives. But that’s not all – they can work with practically any department across the full value chain and help with e.g., defining commercial strategies, talent management, drafting operating models, and drafting pricing.

What skills should a good strategy consultant have?arrowclose

The most important thing is of course extensive knowledge of the specific industry, but the consulting industry also requires an assortment of essential soft skills like:

  • Time management – strategy consultants are often restricted by tight deadlines and must be able to schedule their work effectively.
  • Analytical skills – most of their work involves collecting and analysing large amounts of data, so they must know how to assess problems and present structured solutions in a clear batch of information.
  • Flexibility – a proficient strategy consultant should be able to adjust to the evolving market and keep up with the latest solutions and technologies that can be applied to his/her chosen industry. This also means they must constantly grow in their craft, broadening their knowledge and skill sets.
  • People skills – SCs must be able to build relationships and know when to be persuasive or when to defer decisions. Communication skills are also vital, as they must be able to make their point and understand the issues faced by the management staff.