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Silicon Cities offers IT development and recruitment consultancy services to small and large businesses in Sydney, Melbourne and all across Australia. Our team has over 10 years of experience and provides expert knowledge and advice to perform digital transformation as well as help in the recruitment process to fulfill your business needs.

Why does your business need IT consulting services?

IT Consulting Services can add lots of value to your business. Among some of the most important advantages we can list:

Saving costs – Having a full-time IT specialist employed can be quite expensive. By using our temporary expertise only when you need it, you can save a lot of money and achieve business objectives.

Saving time – Outsourcing IT recruitment process saves you a lot of precious time, and you can focus on core business goals instead of looking for new employees, organizing interviews etc.

Ensuring data security and service 24/7 – Our experienced IT consultants offer advice on the safest technology and cloud solutions. As part of the consulting service we provide constant monitoring of your IT systems.

Improve productivity – New IT services and software solutions are a great facilitation designed to support your business growth strategy. Technology improves communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

IT Consultancy Sydney, Australia - Enterprise software solutions and services provider

IT services and software solutions for your business

Keeping up with the constant changes and advancements in technology isn’t easy. However, utilizing technology for your company project management, can bring lots of benefits. Choosing IT consultancy for your business can solve that problem, as it guarantees the best and the most recent technical solutions and professional support.

Additionally, by choosing our professional IT recruitment outsourcing service, we will look after the whole recruitment process for you. We will find the perfect IT specialists or software developers for your company and organise interviews and trainings, so that you can reduce your time-to-hire and expenses involved in the whole process.

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Our customers say

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Victor and I have worked together for 12 months in a consulting alliance capacity providing strategic recruitment & project management advice, as well as assisting in providing tech professionals in a timely manner. I have used Victor’s Service from Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory for the past 12 months. 

I am very comfortable in recommending Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory. Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory is a very dedicated organisation which helps organisations in solving challenges in hiring in a timely manner & improving results. 

Hasita Gunaratne Subuhis
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I witnessed how Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory is in solving project management problems & improving quality & on time delivery of projects. 

I recommend Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory to any business looking to solve their problems in project management & improve performance. 

Ahsan Azam McCorkell & Associates
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Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory has helped my company within the past 9 months improve project management quality by 36% & delivery timeframe by almost 25%.​ I am also very grateful​ to Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory who has helped increase my revenue through Business Development Strategy & Execution by 28% in Australia & 19% in the United States of America. I highly recommend​ Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory to any Organization facing project & market expansion problems & challenges.​

Midas European Consulting
Marcel Kellermann Midas European Consulting
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Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory has transformed Rafiko Cars & Logistics to another level, from a logistics startup to a global company. I am very impressed with the high-quality software development and automation projects that were delivered with high-quality work and timely manner. This in turn has cut inefficiencies by 80%. The Project Management was delivered to superior quality and within the specified timeline. Victor Marco from Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory is very enthusiastic, dedicated, and proactive in ensuring projects are delivered successfully. He also displayed a high level of attention to detail in the innovative strategy and execution, preparation & launching, and finding the right talent, tools, and resources for my projects. I am also impressed with how he executes strategy & his business development capabilities which helped increase my company’s revenue by 39% in the last 12 months. I therefore strongly recommend Silicon Cities Consulting & Advisory for anybody seeking a project manager, software developer, or business development strategy advisor on​ a local or international level.

Rafiko Cars and Logistics LLC
Rafal Pado Rafiko Cars and Logistics LLC
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Frequently Asked Questions

What IT services do you provide?arrowclose

Silicon Cities offers IT consulting and IT recruitment services to provide solutions to all kinds of businesses based in Sydney, Melbourne and other cities in Australia. Based on our experience and industry knowledge, we can provide the best digital solutions and long term IT strategy to help companies achieve their business goals. We offers expert advice and cutting-edge IT solutions to customers across different industries and geographics.

What is your consultants' experience?arrowclose

Our IT consultants have nearly 20 years of experience in IT and business development. We strive for constant development and always stay on top with the latest news in business and technology.

What exactly do you offer in IT recruitment advisory?arrowclose

As a reputable Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) in Sydney, NSW, we are happy to offer the following:

  • looking for the right candidate,
  • organizing a pre-employment screening,
  • doing a thorough research to find young talents,
  • professionally organizing interviews & training sessions,
  • always looking for permanent recruitment.

If you wish to increase skilled staff in your company, contact our technology consulting team on the given numbers or drop us an email. We will surely advise you and help you get young and talented candidates specifically for your business requirements.